Torn Between Two Fathers



Saturday March 3rd 2012 –  Central Middle School –  211 Delaware Avenue – Dover, DE 19901

 This play focused on one of the most contraversial topics that a lot of families especially in the black community are facing today. The jist of the production was a successful married couple who had a seventeen year old son. From what it seemed, this was a happy and strong family system. However, the big secret is that neither the son nor stepfather knows that they do not biologically coincide with each other.

This play brought out the reality of how hurt black families are today and the insight of dead beat fathers and lying mothers of their children. The determination that both the stepfather and biological dad were yearning for their son was astonishing. The heartbreaking facts of young parents abandoning and neglecting their children and their
feelings are more like something that our society has become use to and has no urge to change it.

 This director PRIEST TYAIRE has taken us into our own lives and people’s lives we know and put us all on a very decent exposure. I am looking forwards to the next production that has a message as strong as this one was.

Chitlin Circuit Reviews

~Gloria Mpamugo~