Bashment Granny 3


(Bash Dead)




     After watching  Bashment Granny on  April 15th 2007  at Hotel Commingle in SAL-LA-MAR  Jamaica W.I.  and seeing Bashment Granny 2 at York College in New York in 2014, Well  I must say last night in The Bronx  at Evander Childs H.S.  I attended  Bashment Granny 3 (Bashy Daed) and This was by far the funniest play out of the 3 Bashment Granny plays thous far.

 Keith “SHEBADA” Ramsay who played Shabada was hilarious from beginning to the end. Shabada not only performed in the play but interacted with the audience while the play was going on with his comedic present had everyone  laughing.  While  Garfield “BAD BOY TREVOR” Reid  Played a more serious Bad Man roll, as a gangsta who just came home from prison just in time for Bashy’s funeral. Garfield  “Bad Boy Trevor” Reid depicted the roll as a real  Bad Boy to a tee.   Bad Boy Trevor wants what ever he thinks he is suppose to get from  Bashy’s  death and will do what ever it takes By All Means Necessary But Trevor was not the only out for Bashy’s  property and money . “Half A Dog played by Junior Williams also  was after  Bashy’s  Inheritance  as he comes up with a plan and  Scam  with other cast members of the play. The play show how people will turn against one another for  money . Although the play was very funny there is a lot of truth behind it

For a Real Good Time And A Night Full Of Laughter 

Chitlin Circuit Reviews  Suggest  That You See  Bashment Granny3

“One of the funniest Jamaican Plays Of The Year”


Chitlin Circuit Reviews :

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