Unfortunately  Chitlin Circuit Review  did not get to cover this  play. We were told by the Playwright the she will love  for us to cover  her play.   We were directed to contact the PR person  as we did   Days went by and a date was never issued.  So  we  submitted our available dates waited for a date  to cover this play  no reply  We resubmitted the dates and the the PR person Linda stated that she will need to check because  the show close this weekend they may not be comping?   Wow

It went from  The Playwright Dominique  saying  She will love for use to cover the play  to let the PR person Linda know.

To the PR person Linda not issuing us a  date and then saying  They may not be comping.  I guess  Linda doesn’t know our background very well

Therefore  Chitlin Circuit Reviews  came to the agreement that  we will not wait any longer  for the PR person to set a dated  and decided  declined to cover this event.


Sorry  There is No Review For This Play


“Do Not Forget Were You Come From “

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