Affair Exchange Is No Robbery


“Very interesting. Shows the desperateness of women when it comes to saving their relationships/marriage”

 “The actors showed portrayed real people in real situations”

 This play showed the sanctity of marriage being put to the test. I was surprised how the story flowed like one knew what was going to happen, and then all of a sudden an unpredictable event occurred! D. Reed did a great job in putting on stage, what a lot of couples face in their relationships and the sacrifices they have to make in order to keep our partners happy. Reed delivered a basic reenactment of average relationships and seasoned the crowd with a suspenseful ending. I, especially was ecstatic to discuss the soap opera that I had seen brought to life right in front of me. The actors portrayed real people going through difficult and real situations in a society that confuses the pureness of sex.

 I am definitely looking forward for upcoming projects from the cast and director!



~Gloria Mpamugo~

March 25, 2012