March Madness Comedy Jam Review

This was a Comedy show for the ages. From beging to end non stop laughter. Carle Payne talked about the modern weed and the  old-school weed and what it does to you funny from beginning to end Joe Kelly  show the audience the difference between blacks. The superheroes skit was hilarious he also did the Funk Master Flex Bombs very funny becase Flex was in the building CoCo Brown did a little something special for the ladies how guys are wearing tight clothes and trying to holler at her had the whole place in tears maybe excluding some of the men that will tight clothes Michael Blackson what more can I say soon to be the new king of Comedy this guy can make jokes on himself and have people laughing. The show was excellent. Can’t wait for the next one




  1. Great show! For me, Gerald Kelly was the funniest. He had me laughing through his whole segment! Great job Mr. Kelly!!

    1. Yes the show was very good Please continue to follow chitlin circuit reviews Thanks for the support

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