How To Love A Saved Man



Saturday June 8th 2013 -Jesus Love Temple – 106 South Walnut St. – Milford De

The play How To LoveĀ A Saved Man showed three different couples and how every day issues reflect upon marriage, love and happiness before God. The characters of Sony, Charlene, and Robin described three successful, intelligent women trying to understand the men in their relationship. These women have to juggle the stressors of keeping a saved marriage while still standing ground of their strong independent personalities. The male characters in this play Quentin, Mike and Sheldon have all been spiritually changed in their walk with God however, don’t necessarily fell appreciated by their wives and/or lovers.

How to Love a Saved Man really showed the struggle of keeping afloat a successful relationship through obstacles, financial changes and appreciation for what togetherness and coming together as one really means.

I thoroughly enjoyed this play and believe everyone can relate to the different situations each couple dealt with on a day to day basis. One word to describe this play would be captivating by keeping the audience involved and being so relatable. The cast did a great job and the main character and director TAMIKA HALL showed phenomenal work of bringing every couples’ story to life on stage.

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~Gloria Mpamugo~